B. The “Muzzle Stamp” And The
Entrance And Exit Wounds On Bell’s Head.

  1. Dr. P. Douglas Kelley, M.D., was the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of Michael’s body as part of the KPD’s investigation.
  2. Dr. Kelley determined that Bell died from a “contact” gun shot wound to the head.
  3. A contact gunshot wound is one where “the muzzle of the gun was in close proximity to the skin.”
  4. The entrance wound from this contact gun shot wound was on the right side of Michael’s head just above his right ear:
  5. The exit wound from this contact gun shot wound was on the left side of Michael’s head behind his left ear.
  6. Dr. Kelley also observed a “muzzle stamp” of a gun was imprinted on Michael’s skin surrounding the entrance wound.
  7. The “muzzle stamp” marks the position of the muzzle of the gun on or near Bell’s head at the time the gun was fired by Officer Gonzales.
  8. Using a close-up photograph with a metric scale, Dr. Kelley saw “concentric abrasions” around the edges of the wound with “definite pattern abrasions” at the top along with raised areas.
  9. At Michael’s autopsy, a Kenosha Police Department officer presented Dr. Kelley with a firearm that was consistent with the weapon Defendant Officer Gonzales used.
  10. Dr. Kelley photographed that weapon with the same metric scale and traced an overlay transparency of that weapon:
  11. The metric scale on the overlay and the photograph of the exit wounds matched nearly perfectly, and Dr. Kelley then placed that overlay on top of the close-up photograph of the entrance wound and found that the patterned abrasions were consistent with the muzzle of the weapon.

  12. Tracing the bullet through the entrance and exit wounds, the trajectory of the bullet was “right to left, front to back, and slightly downwards.”
  13. The entrance and exit wounds, the muzzle stamp, and the trajectory of the bullet forensically establish how Officer Gonzales was holding his gun in relation to Bell’s head at the time Bell was shot.
  14. These forensic facts remain a constant no matter how anyone says the shooting of Bell occurred.
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