In June of 2005, an investigative attorney and a retired police officer came to the home of Michael E. Bell to discuss officer statements and autopsy findings regarding the fatal shooting of Bell by Kenosha Police.

On November 9, 2004, four officers were involved in shooting Bell in the head at his home in front of his mother and sister after a traffic stop of unknown reason. Bell was 21. Kenosha Police conducted their investigation and cleared themselves in two days. The Bell family asked District Attorney Robert Jambois for a coroners inquest and was denied. After his review, DA Jambois found the shooting justified.

Presented here are the forensics and other findings uncovered and how they relate to the depositions of the officers involved.

The facts and evidence available on this web site were compiled during the investigation of the Michael Edward Bell shooting and were submitted in U.S. Federal Court. This data challenges the version offered by the Kenosha Police Dept. and is being presented for public assistance to reduce fatal police shootings.