Bell Offers City of Kenosha Indemnification for Release of Bullet - April 2022
Kenosha News article and video by Daniel Gaitan

Final Report of The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing - May 2015

Michael M. Bell’s Task Force Testimony

Investigating Police Shootings Like Plane Crashes Gets Closer To Reality In Wisconsin
Journal Sentinel article written by Gina Barton and Patrick Marley

A Cop Killed My Son. We Can't Let Police Investigate Themselves
The Washington Post article written by Michael M. Bell

Why Are Police Officers More Dangerous Than Airplanes?
The New York Times article by Pagan Kennedy

Father Buys $64,259 Ad Calling for Police to Reopen Investigation into Son's Death
CBS News This Morning story

Compelling and Condemning Evidence of a Cover-Up and Abuse of Power
Daily Mail article by Mollie Cahillane

Plane Crash Investigations Offer Lessons on how to Avoid Deaths in Police Encounters
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article by Gina Barton

The Insanity of Finding Fault Versus Fixing Cause
First known published article asking for an NTSB style learning model to prevent police mistake-of-fact deaths.

Outsiders Must Investigate Police Shootings
San Francisco Chronicle article written by Jim Palmer and Michael M. Bell

Reaching Across the Thin Blue Line
Politico Magazine article written by Jim Palmer and Michael M. Bell

What I Did After Police Killed My Son
Politico Magazine article written by Michael M. Bell

Our 14 Most Popular Reads of 2014
Politico Magazine

How We Can End "Cop Hunting"
Politico Magazine article written by Michael M. Bell

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Dec 8th 2017 Letter
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