C. The Unlawful Use of Excessive Force
Against Bell – Gratuitous Beating.

  1. Officer Strausbaugh and Weidner again took Bell down to the ground on the cement driveway near a trailer with two jet skis.
  2. Floodlights on the garage illuminated the entire area.
  3. Kim and Shantae Bell were asleep and awakened by the commotion.
  4. They exited the back door of the house, ran down the back porch steps, and saw two people beating Bell.
  5. Bell was hunched over.
  6. The two people were kneeing, kicking, and thrusting their elbows on Bell.
  7. Bell was not fighting back, and was bouncing back and forth between the blows like a “teeter-totter.”
  8. A later autopsy conducted of Bell revealed multiple abrasions and contusions including abrasions to Bell’s forehead, face, neck, upper chest, back right hip and abdomen.
  9. Bell was saying “Get off of me. Get off of me.”
  10. Bell’s arms were not moving because his hands were still behind his back and in handcuffs.
  11. Kim Bell was asking what was going on and was saying that this was her son.
  12. Shantae Bell approached the people beating Bell and screamed, “Get off of him, get off him.”
  13. Kim Bell similarly yelled “get off him before I call the police” and was trying to pull the two people off of Bell.
  14. Officer Strausbaugh pushed her backwards saying “Get back or I’ll arrest you.”
  15. Shantae Bell then recognized the people were officers.
  16. Bell limped away from his mother and sister, trailing his left leg behind him.
  17. Lieutenant Krueger arrived on the scene.
  18. Kim Bell was screaming for someone to please help her son.
  19. Lieutenant Kruger tased Bell by applying a drive stun.
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