On 4-26-2000 at age 18, Michael backed into a car while in a food store parking lot and then drove home. His mom sent him back to the lot to be responsible and when he returned, was ticketed with a misdemeanor hit and run. See Wisconsin Circuit Court Access link below.

On 8-10-2001 at age 19, Michael was found with rolling papers in his pocket and was ticketed with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. See Wisconsin Circuit Court Access link below.

On 1-11-2004, at age 21, Michael was stuck in a snow drift in Illinois and the approaching officer smelled alcohol on Michael's breath. Michael was ticketed with a DUI (see attached) Bail was set.

On 1-28-2004, Michael was ticketed with misdemeanor driving while revoked from above. See Wisconsin Circuit Court Access link below.

On 9-16-2004 at age 21, Michael had his first occurrence with Officer Strausbaugh in a parking lot outside a pub in Kenosha. Out of that incident, the following tickets and charge occurred, yet were not proven in court.

See Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Type in Bell, Michael E. DOB 03/03/1983 select Kenosha County

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